Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

The Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna (FWFF) is a nature conservation non-governmental organisation,
established in 2000 to answer the needs of Bulgarian nature conservation, namely to involve more practical activities mainly in the field of re-introduction of species and restoration of grassland habitats using traditional livestock husbandry practices. FWFF is working on re-introduction and conservation of vultures since its creation. In 2007 the first releases of Griffon Vultures in Kotel Mountain were done and since then the organization is releasing Griffon Vultures every year.
Out of the direct actions for vultures support and re-introduction FWFF is working for years on solving and minimizing the conflict between livestock breeders and predators and thus preventing eventual poison baits use.

The organization has a sustainable approach to nature conservation, seeking to find the best solution for all stakeholders thus securing the protection of the region’s special fauna and flora for generations to come.


The Team

    Emilian Stoynov

   Coordinator of field activities


   Lachezar Bonchev

  Field coordinator Kotel Mountain


Dobri Berov

Field assistant Kotel Mountain

    Hristo Peshev

    Field coordinator Kresna Gorge


Nikolay Stoyanov

Field assistant Kresna Gorge

    Nadya Vangelova

      Communucation officer