Griffon vultures in distress in Serbia, North Macedonia and Bulgaria


The information exchange between the organizations, actively working on vulture conservation is crucial for the generalization of the threats and data, collected from different regions.

Due to the successful communication, it was revealed that this season there have been 11 cases of Griffon vultures in distress, on the territory of Serbia – 7, in Macedonia - 2 and in Bulgaria again 2 birds. Two of the birds, found near Berovo, Macedonia were rehabilitated and tagged with markings and satellite transmitters and released back in the wild, as team of our partners Fund for wild flora and fauna participated in the marking of the birds.

One of the vultures in Bulgaria was found near Sliven by the team of Green Balkans and after it was fed and gained weight it was marked and released. The other one, which was spotted near Samokov by the team of Fund for wild flora and fauna could not be captured, despite the efforts of the field team, but visibly the bird was exhausted.

The birds were hatched in the wild and captures after physical exhaustion, probably due to malnutrition. This is once again a prove that the despite good communication, maintenance of the feeding stations is also important as they serve as stopovers during the migrations of vultures.