How to help

If you want to help us:

  • Report us for dead domestic animals, which can be used as supplementary food for vultures!
  • Inform us if you come across illegal actions such as hunting (shooting) or if you find wounded or dead vultures or other large birds of prey!
  • Do not disturb vultures in the wild!
  • Do not disturb the birds kept in the aviaries and on the feeding sites!
  • Do not set poisoned baits and inform us if you know any!
  • Call us if you see a vulture and make sure if it has been marked. Please, collect the following information:
- Characteristic features of the vulture - presence/absence of wing-tags, transmitter, metal or colored rings, etc.;
- Where and when exactly did you spot the bird;
- What was the behavior of the bird (in flight, perched, foraging etc.)
  • Call us if you find a vulture in distress or needing help.
- In all cases immediately contact the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center to get further instructions by   phone on: +359 (0) 42 627741, +359 885228486 or one of the local coordinators.
- Be careful! Wild birds can be very dangerous! Keep in mind that vultures have an extremely strong beak, used for crashing bones and tearing off muscles and joints!
- If you notice a broken limb or bleeding wound, please wait for the instructions from the experts of the Wildlife Rescue Centre.
- If the condition of the bird requires you to take care of it until its transport to the Wildlife Rescue Centre, please make sure that the bird is placed in a quiet, calm and dark place to limit the stress;
- If you notice a broken limb or a bleeding wound, please wait for the instructions of the experts from the Rescue Center.
  • Get involved in various Black Vulture conservation activities! 
- Supplementary feeding of Black Vultures on the special feeding sites;
- Monitoring and tracking of released birds;
- Installation of artificial nests and dummy birds to attract nesting vultures;
- Raising awareness and motivation of local people for getting more involved in vultures’ conservation through public meetings, workshops and presentations.
- Organizing and carrying out International Vulture Awareness Day and National Festival of   Sheep Breeders.   
  • Tell your friends about vultures’ conservation!
  • Or donate for vulture conservation in Bulgaria. 
You can donate by bank transfer from any bank. The bank account of the “Bright Future for Black Vulture” LIFE 14 NAT/BG/649 project is in Postbank, branch in Stara Zagora.

The bank account is:
IBAN BG53BPBI81701603379530 in BGN
IBAN BG89BPBI81701605323247 in EUR

The account holder is “Zeleni Balkani - Stara Zagora” NGO

Contact us

- Ivelin Ivanov: Mob. Phone: +359 885108716,

- Siemon Marin: Mob. Phone: +359 889223173, e-mail:


Vrachanki Balkan 
- Georgi Stoyanov: Mob. Phone: +359 888734503, e-mail:

Sinite kamani – Sliven
- Iliyan Stoev: Mob. Phone:+359 884005546, e-mail:
- Luchezar Bonchev: Mob. Phone:+359 897061100
- Hristo Peshev: Mob. Phone: +359 897820785, e-mail:
Wildlife Rescue Centre:
Phone: +359 42 627741, Mob. Phone: +359 885228486, e-mail: