Natura 2000 Day in Teteven and Cherni Osam


On 23 May in the town of Teteven was celebrated the Natura 2000 Day as part of the campaign of the 30th anniversary of the European ecological network Natura 2000. The event was held in cooperation with Teteven Municipality and about 60 students took part in the initiative.  
We presented different activities of the organization for the conservation of flag species of European conservation importance, namely our conservation programs for vultures, falcons, Lesser Kestrels and Sandwich Tern, as well as activities related to the conservation of habitats falling within the European ecological network Natura 2000. The areas around Teteven fall within two of the Birds Directives - BG0002109 - Vasilovska Mountain and BG0002128 Central Balkan Buffer and one for habitats of the world's largest ecological network Natura 2000 - BG0001493 Central Balkan Buffer, as well as in the Central Balkan National Park.
We acquainted the participants with our work for the conservation of Cetaceans in Bulgaria, bats, Imperial Eagles and other interesting and endangered species such as the Red-breasted Goose. During the event we told to the participants about the work of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre - Green Balkans. We told them that, besides being a clinic for protected species, a breeding centre and a recovery centre for extinct bird species from the territory of Bulgaria, the centre has over the years become an educational one, receiving veterinary interns not only from Bulgaria but from other countries as well.
During the event was presented the photo exhibition dedicated to Natura 2000 in Bulgaria with photos of protected areas and animals from the Natura 2000 ecological network by photographer Emil Enchev and archive of Green Balkans.
On 25 May we continued the campaign for the celebration of the Natura 2000 Day in the village of Cherni Osam.  With young and old we talked again about the species of vultures - Griffon, Egyptian, Cinereous and Bearded Vultures, which used to exist in the country. With young and old we talked again about the species of vultures - Griffon, Egyptian, Black and Bearded vultures, which used to occur on the territory of Bulgaria. Which of them are still found now and the efforts that Green Balkans and other organizations have made over the last 15 years.
We would like to thank the Municipality of Teteven, in the person of Dr. Madlena Boyadjieva - Mayor of the Municipality, Valentina Nikolaeva and Yuliana Valcheva, Tsvetomira Hristova for the invitation and organization.

Polya Ruseva - Project Coordinator, tel. 0894059156,

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