New vulture flied to Bulgaria on the wings of Lufthansa ;))


Bulgarian nature now has another one vulture – donation from the zoo Allwetterzoo, Münster, Germany. This is the seventh Griffon vulture, hatched in the zoo, which we receive for the Griffon vulture reintroduction program in Bulgaria since 2011. One of these birds, after it was released, flied all the way to the Griffon vultures` colony in Dadia, Northern Greece, but unfortunately died and we couldn`t even understand the reasons.

This year, the juvenile vulture arrived safe and sound on the 16th September as cargo shipment with flight of Lufthansa to Sofia, after that it was received by the team of “New life for the vultures” LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 project and accommodated in the Wildlife rescue and breeding center in Stara Zagora. Due to unknown reasons the bird didn’t arrive on the previously arranged date – 15th, which lead to thorough enquiry, our stay in Sofia for two days and our serious embarassement if the “passenger” has been forgotten or has arrived to wrong destination. Fortunately, the bird arrived in perfect condition and was safely transported to the Wildlife rescue and breeding center in Stara Zagora.

Here it will be examined by our veterinarians, marked and accommodated in Griffon vultures` adaptation aviary in “Sinite kamani” Nature park. Currently in the aviary there are 20 birds. They will learn the juvenile vulture from the zoo how to behave as real wild bird, how to search and find food. The vulture will stay in the aviary for minimum half a year, after that it will be released with the idea to stay in the region and to help the reintroduction of the wild population of the Griffon vulture in Stara planina.

We would like to use this case to sincerely thank the Allwetterzoo and the curator of section “Birds”- Dr. Dirk Wewers for their confidence and cooperation!

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