Once again we will be able to track the flight of a Griffon vulture, tagged with satellite transmitter, thanks to donators


Thanks to donators, the Griffon vulture Viki was tagged with satellite transmitter. Thus the citizens will be able to once again track the movement of a Griffon vulture, through specially developed internet platform and the environmentalists will gain valuable information about the behavior of the birds.
On 18.09.2016 the team of “New life for the vultures LIFE14 NAT/BG/649” project will be pleased to meet Jeremy and Victoria as well as their small Philip. The young family are keen on … vultures. “We believe that under the sun there is also place for the considered ugly animals”, says Jeremy. As an expression of their support for our work the young family donated 2000 BGN, thanks to which we will again have vulture which movement will be tracked by satellite transmitter. The bird they adopted was a juvenile not tagged Griffon vulture which entered the vultures` adaptation aviary in Central Balkan on his own last year, highly intrigued by the vultures inside.
Jeremy and Voctoria personally participated in the tagging of the bird with blue wing-tag and color ring B75, in putting the transmitter and its release. The young family named the vulture Viki. After a few days Viki will be able to be tracked online by everyone on our vultures` satellite tracking website here:
Up to now on the website you could track several birds, for example the vulture K4L, Fredo and Otets Grigorii, but unfortunately, the batteries of the equipment have limited life and none of them operates already. But these transmitters drew amazing pictures of the travels and behavior of our heroes. For example K4L, an adult female, which for less than a year went to visit the colonies of Griffon vultures in Bulgaria and Serbia, visited Romania and Greece and flew all the way to Athena, before its return to Eastern Rhodope. Regretfully, this adventurer found his death by poison in Northern Greece. Otets Grigorii, on the other hand, to this day lives together with the vultures in Vrachanski Balkan although it was released with the participation of the actor Nencho Ilchev in Central Balkan. The internet platform gives everyone interested in the biology of the birds the possibility to observe their movement and faith almost online on their own.
We would like to use the case to sincerely thank the young godfathers and donators! Such donations are of great importance for the success of our program, because of the large amount of the co-financing, which every organization has to attract for the conservation programs, implemented by the support of the EU. Thus the return of rare species is possible only with the joint efforts of the NGOs, scientists and the citizens themselves!
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