Protected bird species​ are perishing in the Iskar gorge, perhaps poisoned


Vultures are found dead in the region of the villages Gara Bov and Bov and the probable cause of dead is poisoning.

Green Balkans highlights that spreading poisons in the wild threatens not only the protected animal species but also human beings. The NGO reminds that this is a crime under the Criminal code.

"On 16th of September 2019 it was revealed, at first by the transmitters which we use to track two of the Griffon vultures in Vrachanski Balkan, and later on by proof of witnesses, that there are dead birds in the region of the villages Gara Bov and Bov as one of the birds has fallen near Tserovo village" - our colleagues from the Wild Flora and Fauna Fund specified.

 During the on-site inspection of the place where the birds are supposed to have fed according to data submitted by the GPS transmitters, the team of the organization has found corpse of a calf eaten by animals and birds and also a dead Golden eagle nearby.

The dead birds are from species protected under Annex № 3 of the Biological Diversity Act and are indicated with a star, which gives ground for initiation of criminal proceedings.

The police is supposed to make on-site ispection in the morning along with the anti-poison dog of the Bulgarian society for the protection of birds, which is well trained to detect poisons. Except for the Golden eagle, it is expected that the two Griffons which transmitters submit mortality signal, will also be found.

In the latest case with spread of poison in Kresna Gorge, an entire Griffon vulture colony was exterminated, which recovery has taken the environmental organizations more than 15 years of work.

Green Balkans - Stara Zagora implements activities for recovery of the Griffon and Cinereous vulture on the territory of Vrachanski Balkan and the Iskar Gorge, along with the Birds of Prey Protection Society and the Wild Flora and Fauna Fund. The activities are coordinated with Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park Directorate.

For additional information:
Ivelin Ivanov - "Bright future for the Black vulture project" LIFE14 NAT/BG/000649 project manager - mob. phone 0887589995