Saving private Jinn

In Agigea birds observatory checking the weight.

Our Romanian friends rescued one of our Cinereous Vultures!
Jinn was named by “Trouble Bakers” (A fabulous place for delicious books and educational sweets...or vice versa). She had been released nearby Kotel about a month ago before she got into this tough situation.  As soon as she has been released, Jinn showed an aptitude for wandering and after several rounds throughout Romania, she landed close to Navodari, Constanca district. 
In the late afternoon, while checking Jinn’s condition in the field, Cornel Cotorogea and Jeni Cotorogea recorded several attacks by passing shepherd dogs. They took action to secure the bird, then they found out that the vulture is exhausted and distressed, and they feed it. Due to the risk of it being left to roost on the site and the fact that it was exhausted it was decided to capture the vulture. 
Jinn was taken to Agigea Ringing Station where she was weighed to assess her physical condition. The bird was found to have a large loss (about 30%) of live weight from normal at release. She was given first aid, which proved crucial to her survival.
The very next morning, Jinn was immediately transported to the Visul Luanei Foundation's Specialized Rescue Center nearby Bucharest, where she has been professionally attended up to now.
We are waiting for the paperwork to be processed so we can bring Jinn back to Bulgaria. Here she will continue her rehabilitation and when she is ready she will be released back into the wild.
We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all colleagues involved so far who contributed to rescuing Gin and personally to our friends Cornel Cotorogea and Jeni Cotorogea, Emanuel Baltag, and Oana Vasiliu who we feel like part of the Green Balkans family!
Photos by Cornel Cotorogea and Jeni Cotorogea, Agigea Ringing Station, Visul Luanei Foundation.