The Bearded vultures at the Green Balkans Rescue Center laid an egg!


At the Green Balkans Rescue Center, we are sending 2021 with good news - one of the pairs of Bearded vultures already has an egg!

This is a wonderful end to a passing year and an even more wonderful start to one that will come at any moment! News, a symbol of hope for the return of this species in our country and a sign of a new beginning, which, we hope, is ahead of our team in this direction in 2022!

We remind you that there are currently three pairs of Bearded vultures at the Wildlife Rescue Center. Two of them are formed by young birds that have not yet reached the age of reproduction (which in this species is between the eighth and tenth year), and one pair has been successfully raising their youngs with us for four years.

Of course, it is still too early to talk about success during this breeding season, but the repeated copulations observed by our team, through CCTV cameras located in the aviary, home of the feathered family, give us hope!