The first chick of Griffon Vulture has hatched in Kotel, Eastern Balkan Mountains since 1970


The first baby Griffon Vulture from the new history of the species in the Eastern Balkan Mountains has hatched successfully. It was discovered by Lachezar Bonchev from the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna (FWFF), who works within the Vultures Back to LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 project.

Over 8 pairs have been formed in the Kotlenska Planina (Kotel Mountain) area and at least 6 eggs have been laid and today the first hatch has been proven. The hatching has happened exactly ten years after the start of the efforts for reintroducing the Griffon Vulture in the area.

The species had disappeared from much of the country, and Kotel Mountain was among the last regions it disappeared from in the early 1970s when hunters from the area reported the last known nest.

A five-year LIFE project to restore the species in the Balkan Mountains was initiated in 2010 by Green Balkans, FWFF and the Birds of Prey Protection Society. Thanks to our joint efforts and all the birds we released, we observed the very first fledgling in the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria, which hatched in Vrachanski Balkan.

The new Vultures Back to LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 Project is financed by the LIFE financial instrument of EU and is implemented jointly by Green Balkans, FWFF, VCF, Euronatur and the Government of Extremadura – Spain, aiming to reintroduce also the Black Vulture, for which the presence of the more adaptive Griffon Vulture is very important.

Hopefully the newly hatched Griffon Vulture is only the beginning of the success story of the recovery of the missing and endangered species for the better future of people as integral part of nature.

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