The gender of young Griffon Vultures Mrak and Plamak was determined


The two Griffon Vultures hatched in the Green Balkans’ Wildlife and Rescue Breeding Center this year turned out to be male and female.

Mrak, the first hatched, is female and Plamak, the younger one, is male. This was the result after medical gender determination tests were made.

Plamak is still living with his parents in the aviary at the Center, while Mrak left its birth nest a month ago and is successfully adapting to the wild.

Plamak will join his vulture sister in the Sinite kamani Nature Park adaptation aviary soon, where will live together with other Griffon and Black Vultures who will teach him how to survive in the wild.

We remind you that the young Griffon Vultures Mrak and Plamak were named by their patrons whom we are truly grateful for!
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