The rescue of Chatalka in the middle of the River


Chatalka was released near Kotel, about a month before she fell into this tough situation in the middle of the Danube. After a short wandering throughout Romania, Chatalka landed on the sand spit of Cape Vardim Island near the village with the same name.
A quick check from the shore by colleagues Stamen Stanchev (Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna) and Svilen Cheshmedzhiev (Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds) has identified the location and behavior of the vulture.
With the help of local fishermen and volunteers Georgi Kirov and Ivelin Nikolov, the rescue team reached the place where after a pursuit they managed to catch the bird. The very fact that the vulture allows itself to be caught is indicative of its weakened physical condition and distress.
First aid was provided: hydration and feeding, which is always crucial for the survival of birds in distress.
Chatalka is currently on her way to us where she will continue her recovery and rehabilitation course and when she is ready she will be released back into the wild.
Our sincerest gratitude to everyone involved who contributed to the rescue of Chatalka!
Photos by Svilen Cheshmedzhiev (BSBP) and Stamen Stanchev (FWFF)