The vultures Pierre and Jovan visit the feeding sites in Sliven and Kotel


An announcement from our correspondents from Sliven and Kotel:
One of the five juvenile Griffon vultures hatched this year in Kotel visits the feeding site in Sliven! This is a huge event for us, because after they fletch, we don’t always know what happens with the young birds. The fact that it visits the feeding site which is 15 kilometers away from Sliven is a sign that the bird already flies around and manages to find food!

Another one of the tagged juveniles – with wing-tag HO is also in the region of Kotel – near the colony in which it was hatched. Thus, two of the juveniles from this year are available which makes us really happy and we make regular monitoring for the others hoping that they deal well with living on their own.

Let us remind you that the two juvenile birds have their own international godfathers as part of the campaign with which we celebrated the return of the Griffon vulture in Stara Planina. The juvenile H2 is named after Pierre Gay – Biopark Bioparc de Doué, Frnace and the vulture H0 – after Jovan Andevski -  assistant at VCF (Vulture Conservation Foundation).

Fot the friends of the vultures – from Sliven and Kotel the correspondents of LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 project -  Ilian Stoev (Green Balkans) и Lachezar Bonchev (FWFF)

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