We celebrated the International Bird Day giving two of our Griffon Vultures to Stara Zagora Zoo


The Green Balkans team celebrated April 1st, the International Day of Birds with an official opening of the brand new aviary for birds of prey constructed in Stara Zagora Zoo and welcoming its first inhabitants - two Griffon Vultures. The aviary was built by the Lipa Civil Group, with the kind cooperation of Stara Zagora Municipality and a number of companies, organizations and citizens, we are extremely grateful to.

Two Griffon Vultures, provided by the Vultures Back to LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 Project were accommodated in the all furnished new aviary.

The birds were imported from Spain, in line with the successfully completed Vultures Return project, devoted to the restoration of Griffon Vultures as nesting species in the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria. Both vultures were tagged with special wing tags and rings which would help you easily identify them from distance. K9L is a young male, hatched in Extremadura, Spain in 2014. Unfortunately that bird had both of his wings fractured and can no longer fly. K7P is a female, hatched in Seville, Spain, in 2013. This vulture was accommodated in the Central Balkan adaptation aviary for release but got sick so it had to get back to the Rescue Centre for treatment. Both young vultures are therefore permanently injured and cannot be released into the wild. They will find a new home in Stara Zagora Zoo.  Here, thanks to the efforts of the local business, society and authorities, they will be ambassadors to the nature conservation idea among the citizens and guests of the city, visiting the zoo.

We also hope that once they reach sexual maturity, the vultures would form a pair and raise young, which would then be released into the wild.

We are extremely grateful to all who made this possible and we hope that the people of Stara Zagora would accept and appreciate our birds!

For more information, please contact:
Elena Kmetova-Biro – Green Balkans –