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Dear friends, as stated a few days ago, the teams of Green Balkans, the Wild Flora and Fauna Fund and BPPS may praise ourselves that, after 15 years of hard work we can consider that Griffon Vulture has been restored in the Balkan Montains of Bulgaria and Kresna (Pirin). We can say this as there are 25 nesting pairs and 11 young reared in the three target areas – Vrachanski Balkan, Kotel (Sliven), and Kresna (Pirin). For this international event our vultures received the names of 10 distinguished naturalists from all over Europe, with a great contribution to vulture protection. Who are they?

Wolfgang Fremuth – Frankfurt Zoological Society, Germany
He is a kind-hearted friend of Bulgarian nature, who has initiated and managed long-lasting fundraising programs for conservation of wildlife on the Balkans. Wolfgang succeeded to unite all Balkan stakeholders in coordinated and joint efforts towards vulture conservation. He is the “father” of the Memorandum of Understanding for conservation of four vulture species - a documented political support signed by several state governments.     
Evelyn Tewes – Black Vulture Conservation Foundation, Austria
One of the first international experts who visited Bulgaria, approved and gave a green light for the start of urgent vulture conservation actions.   
Juan-Jose Sanches Artez – Black Vulture Conservation Foundation, Spain
He was the most frequent visitor to Bulgaria among the vulture experts- closely working with NGOs and supervising their first conservation steps and strategies. Through the BVCF he secured a large batch of Griffon Vultures for the resoration of the species in Bulgaria.
Jose Tavares – Vulture Conservation Foundation, Portugal
Very enthusiastic friend and supporter of vulture conservation process in Bulgaria in the last years.
Jovan Andevski – Vulture Conservation Foundation, Macedonia
A very worthy representative of the Balkans at Vulture Conservation Foundation. His enthusiastic,  determined and concerted efforts to find Spanish vultures to be later released in Bulgaria were extremely appreciated, valuable and successful.    
Alvaro Camina – Spain
A member at the Reintroduction Committee in the beginning, who has shared his expertise in vulture conservation in Spain with the Bulgarians.
Nikolay Nenchev – Director of Nature Park “Vrachanski Balkan”, Bulgaria
Ceaselessly he has been supporting vulture conservation activities. A strong defender of the success of vulture reintroduction at Vrachanski Balkan.  
Pierre Gay – Director and owner of Biopark De Doue, France
His support to vulture recovery at the Kotel Mountains and Kresna Gorge started in 2002. The amazing French Biopark has made fundraising campaigns for Bulgarian projects for years and has frequently donated Griffon Vultures, bred at the Zoo, to the program. A really inspiring person, whose passion in wildlife conservation has always encouraged the Bulgarians.      
Ernesto Alvarez- GREFA Foundation, Spain
His enthusiasm in breeding and rehabilitation of birds of prey have always inspired the Bulgarian conservationists. He has never stopped to rescue and recover different endangered species. GREFA Foundation was the first that brought a group of 26 Griffon vultures to Kresna Gorge and became a trigger for the future reintroduction there.    
Margarete Roithmair – Friend of Vienna Zoo, Austria
Friend of Vienna Zoo Club has started its support to vulture’s programs in Bulgaria in 2002 with a donation for the Kresna Gorge and the Kotel Mountains preparatory projects. Once Margarete came here she fell in love with Bulgarian nature. She became our strong supporter and ambassador. 
A vulture will be named after the programme which was the key contributor for vulture preservation in Buulgaria.

We are using the opportunity to thank again the following individuals, after which Bulgarian vultures have been named already, but which have great contribution for the programme in Bulgaria:
Michel Terrasse – Vulture Conservation Foundation, France
He is a real inspiration to Bulgarian conservationists, who admire and follow his experience from vulture reintroduction in France in 1980s. In the last fifteen years Michel has strongly supported and encouraged Bulgarians to act determinedly. He became the godfather of the first Griffon Vulture which successfully fledged in the Vrachanski BalkanMountainsin 2015.
Hans Fray M.D. – “Richard Faust”, Austria special breeding centre.

A member of the committee of experts, that gave the green light for the vulture reintroduction programmes in Bulgaria, who believed in the Bulgarian nature protection, giving Bearded Vultures for breeding, and including them in the species’ breeding programme. The Godfather of the first Bearded Vulture hatched in the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans - Stara Zagora after eight long years of waiting.

The consultants and verifiers of the EU’s LIFE+ programme…

All the volunteers, donors, and people, that have helped with preserving the vultures in Bulgaria!

For additional information, please contact:
Elena Stoeva - Project Manager, Bright Future for Black Vulture LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 Project,
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