We celebrated the International Vultures Day over Sliven

On the occasion of International Vultures Day on Saturday (September 2nd), a team of the Sinite Kamani Nature Park Directorate and Green Balkans organized an open day near the vulture aviary above Sliven.

Around 90 participants - school children, students, tourists, and local residents from 1 year old to 70+ years old - came especially for the event and were informed about the vultures, as well as about the new project aimed at returning the Bearded Vulture to Bulgarian nature. Informational materials, binoculars, and field scopes were available to the guests at the tent of experts from the Sinite Kamani Nature Park and colleagues from Green Balkans. Guests observed Griffon Vultures in the feeding area and Cinereous Vultures in the aviary.

Thanks to the organized hiking trip, some of the participants reached the meeting place, being able to walk the hiking trails and get to know the unique nature of the park. Part of the guests were tourists, another part was long-time teachers from Sliven, with whom we often organize joint events, as well as, of course, enthusiasts who learned about the good event from social networks.

All participants received informational materials related to vultures.
Photos: Sinite Kamani Nature Park Directorate
on behalf of Sinite Kamani Nature Park Directorate:
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on behalf of Green Balkans - Ivelin Ivanov - project manager; mobile phone +359887589995
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