We fed the pairs of Egyptian vultures in the area of ​​Provadia

Our team wants all the birds - inside and outside the Rescue Centre to be satisfied and full!
Therefore, we do not forget those in the wild that struggle daily to survive in search of food, and their lives depend on it.

That is why, a few days ago, we were again in the northeast and, again, we left tens of kilograms of food on the feeding site for Egyptian vultures near the village of Partizani in Provadia.

Ah, you can guess what our joy was when, just after placing the food, in the sky we watched a soaring Egyptian vulture.

Thus, within the 'Egyptian vulture New Life' project the Green Balkans team follows its task - to take care of wild couples of this species almost extinct from the nature of Bulgaria, and our assistants, again, were students of veterinary medicine from Trakia University, trainees at the Rescue Centre.