We prepared the home of the imperial eagles at the Rescue Centre for the upcoming breeding season!

A few days ago, a team of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre of Green Balkans prepared the nest of the imperial eagle pair in the Centre for the upcoming breeding season.

We remind you that the eagle family has been in the Centre for many years, however, despite the copulations and the eggs laid by the female they have not yet had a hatchling of their own.

In spite of this, our efforts continue and we will not give up trying to stimulate the birds to do so.

But these eagles have yet another difficult and extremely noble mission.

They are foster parents to wild imperial eagle chicks that have been rescued. In the previous years, they managed to rear three, one of which upon arrival was just a few days old.

Their devotion to the adopted hatchlings can be an example for many of us! And apart from saving lives, this pair also contributes to maintaining the population of imperial eagles in the wild, since every chick reared by them is later released!