We rescued two young storks abandoned in the nest!

For several days in a row, the team of the Rescue Center of Green Balkans received reports of two storks left in the nest in the village of Mlekarevo, Starа Zagorа.

We investigated the case in detail and after coordination with EL Yug, we took action yesterday.

Thanks to the equipment provided by the power distribution company, our team was able to reach the nest. Inside, indeed, laid two little storks. The birds were visibly exhausted and too young to fly. According to the local people who filed the report, the parents had flown away days ago and no one was feeding the chicks anymore.This made urgent the removal of the storks from the nest and their transport to the clinic of the Rescue Center.

Here, after a thorough examination by our veterinarians, our initial assumption that the birds were dehydrated and weak was confirmed.

We immediately started therapy, which significantly improved the condition of both patients, right from the first intervention.

They probably hatched late, the storks are still underdeveloped and, this is one of the possible reasons why the parents abandoned them! But, of course, it's possible that both were injured!

The fate of the young birds, however, is already clear – they will spend the winter in the Center's aviaries, under the care of our team, as they will still need a lot of time to get stronger, and the migration has already begun.

On the day of the action, we received a report of a stork with a wounded wing roaming the area of the same village - Mlekarevo.

Despite our efforts, however, we were unable to capture the bird because, although not actively flying, it was able to fly short distances.