"The Bulgarian Forest – present and obscure future", 2007

"The Bulgarian Forest – present and obscure future", 2007
a documentary about Bulgaria’s forest and the poaching and corruption in the forest system 8 of over 200 cases investigated by Green Balkans were chosen and presented in the presented film. They summarize and illustrate the most common illegal practices used to destroy Bulgarian forest for the past 15 years.
The investigations have taken place thanks to the kind support of the Democracy Commission at the USA Embassy in Bulgaria, the US Agency for International Development, DPK Consulting, and the CEE Trust, while the film has been prepared with the cooperation of KCM S.A.

Idea and script by Valentina Fidanova, Konstantin Dichev;
Editor: Svetlana Todorova;
Reporter: Tsveta Hristova;
Camera: Konstantin Dichev, Borislav Georgiev, Georgi Stoyanov;
Graphics and cutting: Liubomir Andreev;
Sound-engineer: Stoil Kerevanov;
Narrator: Zlatko Pavlov;
Director: Valentina Fidanova