The Griffon vultures in the Balkan mountain has already nested – breeding season 2021 has begun with the first incubating pairs in Vrachanski Balkan

The Birds of pray protection society carried out monitoring of the Griffon vultures in “Vrachanski Balkan” Nature Park in the beginning of February 2021.

In the northern parts of the park, Griffon vultures were sitting in their nests 10 different places as in at least two of the nests there were incubating birds.
1 and 2 pairs were observed respectively on other two nesting territories in the region of Vratsa. There were no incubating pairs yet in these two nests.

The total number of breeding pairs is possibly larger, but not all of the nesting birds can be currently spotted.

There are no observed incubating pairs, but the preparation of the nests and copulations are in progress.
First data for nesting vultures in Kresna are from February 5th, as one of the pairs is reported to has already nested.

A boost in the number of breeding pairs is supposed in all the Griffon vulture reintroduction sites in Bulgaria: Kresna and Balkan mountain. The hope is that this year the breeding pairs will reach a number of 45-50 and along with the 100 pairs in the Eastern Rhodopes the national population will exceed 150 pairs.

The efforts of Green Balkans, FWFF, the Society for protection of birds of prey, VCF and other partners in the Griffon vulture reintroduction in Bulgaria have already had 10 years history

Additional information

The Griffon vultures breeding season usually starts in the late autumn nad lasts until the fledglings leave the nest, which takes place in the period July-August. In the beginning of the season the birds are forming pairs and are exhibiting complex acrobatic courtship dances which help pair bonding. Duet dances with complex air acrobatics, allopreening and nest building as usually males provide larger amount of nest material. The pairs nest on high cliffs or mountain colonies. After successful copulation the female lays an egg which is incubating from January until April, the birds usually have one egg which they incubate for a period of about 55 days. The pair is taking care of the chick until it fledges, which happens about e months after hatching.

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