There are 9 Heron species found in Bulgaria. Due to various reasons, the most important of which is destruction of natural habitats such as wetlands and riparian forests, their existence faces a serious threat.

What we do
Our work for the conservation of Herons is focused mainly on direct conservation measures as well as protection and restoration of their natural habitats. In this regard, the following activities are implemented:
- Expeditions and studying of Heron habitats;
- Monitoring of Heron colonies;
- Guarding of Heron colonies during the breeding period;
- Proposals for the designation of protected areas in order to preserve the Heron colonies and habitats;
- Marking of Protected Areas and placement of information signboards;
- Restoration of wetlands;
- Placement of artificial decoys to attract breeding Herons and mounting of nesting platforms.

- Since 1981, Green Balkans’ volunteers have been guarding and implementing measures for the conservation of the mixed heron colonies in the Maritsa river basin.
- Six new protected areas have been designated for the protection of colonially breeding birds in the Danube and Maritsa river basins.
- There have been successful attempts for settlement and restoration of colonies through decoys.
- Stickers and a poster related to the conservation of Herons have been published and disseminated.
- Information signboards and marking have been placed at the Heron colonies in Konush and Panichery.
- Film on Herons is been produced, using the already taken photographs and video materials.

How you can help
- By joining the expeditions along the Maritsa and Danube rivers and the studying of Heron habitats;
- By participating in the monitoring and guarding of Heron colonies;
- By taking part in the information campaigns related to conservation of Herons and Egrets;
- By sending Herons in distress to the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center in Stara Zagora;
- By making a donation for the conservation of Herons in Bulgaria.