Awareness leaflet on conservation of the White stork

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Few people know that one of the most frequent causes for death of the juvenile storks are plastic strings used by people in the rural areas and quite often dumped at the field or gardens.

Storks use quite often different easy to weave materials that can be found at the field and so they often find plastic strings dumped there. Unfortunately the juveniles quite often get entangled in plastic strings in the nests. The trap slowly blocks blood circulation and leads to crippled limbs and death of the juveniles.

In the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Centre every year tens of juveniles are brought with crippled limbs while in storks’ nests experts regularly find dead bodies entangled in plastic strings.

That’s why by leaving redundant plastic strings in the fields we are becoming unintentional cause for death of White storks.

The leaflet is developed within the framework of project “NatuRegio – Nature conservation and Regional development in Romania and Bulgaria” funded by German foundations DBU and Alfred Toepfer Stiftung.

For additional information about the project and its activities:
Dimitar Popov – Green Balkans NGO




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