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Movements of White storks (Ciconica ciconia) tagged with GPS/GSM transmitters

Движението на бели щъркели (Ciconica ciconia), маркирани с GPS/GSM предаватели
Please let us introduce to you the storks Belcho, Polly and Kraicho tagged with GPS/GSM transmitters.

Belcho is an adult White stork from European Stork Village in Bulgaria: Belozem, Plovdiv region. More information about how it was trapped and tagged you can find here.

Polly and Kraicho are stork chicks hatched in 2015 in a stork pair with 4 chicks in Polikraishte village, Veliko Tarnovo region. You can learn more about Polly and Kraicho here.

Please keep in mind that due to security reasons the map below shows the movements of the selected birds only in the last 30 days and not their entire movements up to now! 

Thanks for your understanding and enjoy tracking :)

Different birds are shown in different colours. If you wish to see only one stork you should select it from the menu and confirm with the green button. Pont A shows the first and point B the last sent positions.

Belcho is tagged within the project “Flight of the storks” funded by „EuroNatur” Foundation (Grmany) and „Ciconia” Foundation (Liechtenstein) within the project “Wet meadows and pastures. It is the first adult White stork in Bulgaria being tracked by means of satellite telemetry.  

Polly and Kraicho are tagged within the project “White stork: Support for biodiversity conservation in large infrastructure projects”, funded by the European Business Congress coordinated by “Overgas Inc.”. These are the first stork chicks in Bulgaria   being tracked by means of satellite telemetry.