“The Rock Partridge” Case

In times when the notions of “reintroduction”, “restocking”, “ex situ”, etc., have flooded the methodologies for conservation of threatened and endangered animal species, hunters and conservationists, through joint efforts, work to prevent the extinction of another species in Bulgaria’s nature – the Rock Partridge.
Its status of a small-stock game species is a clear signal that the population of the Rock Partridge needs profound survey and urgent measures.
The film is set in the mountains – the natural habitat of the species, where, for three years, the project team has combined modern conservation methods with well-established hunting practices.
The “Rock Partridge” Case is a reason for the establishment of a union of specialists from “either side of the barricade” as well as an example of fruitful cooperation between hunters and conservationists.

TV format PAL 16:9
Duration: 27 min.
Co-production of:
NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HUNTERS AND ANGLERS - “Union of Hunters and Anglers in Bulgaria” and
GREEN BALKANS Federation of Nature Conservation NGOs