Bat Night in Plovdiv

On the first Saturday of October (05.10.2019) we celebrated the International Bat Night in the city garden of Plovdiv. The information campaign on the importance of bats was organized by Green Balkans, “KIT” Academy - joined with an art workshop and creative work; Regional Natural History Museum-Plovdiv - with a presentation on bats; Speleo Club "Paldin" - showed how to tie cave knots; Ecology Directorate of Plovdiv Municipality - provided with a fun quiz and awards. Every passer-by had the opportunity to get acquainted with the beautiful photographs of bats and information banners in the central part of the garden next to the Viennese Gazebo. Kirina spoke about her meeting with bats in her air conditioner this year and that they are not at all scary creatures. In addition to the prizes for everyone who participated in the event, there were plenty of bat sweets. When it got dark, bats flew out of the hollows of trees in the city garden and we had the chance to eavesdrop on them with an ultrasonic detector.

We thank all the volunteers who participated in the organization and conducting of the event - Mina, Ivo, Marty, Luchko, Elitsa, Stanimira, Angel, Zhivko and all who helped on the spot!
Thanks to Sofia Armeykova who created bat wings free of charge so that everyone could feel like a real bat :)
We also thank Svetlozara from the Regional Natural History Museum who narrated about bats in Borneo along with Stanimira.
We thank Kristina from “KIT” Academy who was in charge of the art workshop.
We also thank Ivan for joining us to shoot some of the event professionally - you can see some more nice photographs here as well as a short video here!

You can see all the photos on our Facebook album!

Thanks to all friends who celebrated the Bat Night in Plovdiv!
Greetings from
Denitsa, Polly and Anelka

Contact us: Polina Hristova - Green Balkans - mobile: +359 882508721

Additional information:
All bats in Bulgaria are protected by the Biodiversity Act. In addition, 13 of them are included in the list of species for conservation in the NATURA 2000 ecological network. The main objective of the Habitats Directive is "to ensure the long-term survival of Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats".

Green Balkans are a member of the international organization BatLife Europe.