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Консервационни дейности за целеви видове от Директивата за птиците на ЕС - белошипа ветрушка, черен лешояд и царски орел, в основните им местообитания в България

Recovery of the Populations of Large European Vultures In Bulgaria
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Lesser Kestrel Recovery
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Second egg for the Bearded vultures' pair at the Green Balkans' Rescue Center!
[ 10.01.2022 ]
Great news, as for the beginning of the week, was presented to us by the Bearded vultures' pair at the Green Balkans Rescue Center!
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The Bearded vultures at the Green Balkans Rescue Center laid an egg!
[ 31.12.2021 ]
At the Green Balkans Rescue Center, we are sending 2021 with good news - one of the pairs of Bearded vultures already has an egg!

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A Pair of Carthals Was Donated to the Sofia Zoo, as a Part of the Reintroduction Activities for the Species.
[ 29.12.2021 ]
A pair of Black Vultures  arrived at the  Sofia Zoo in support of the program for the return of the species to Bulgaria. The birds are donated from the Government  of Extremadura – the Kingdom of Spain. It is expected that their descendants will  join with the already released in the wild birds, who for the first time this year had offsprings in the wild nature of Bulgaria.

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For the First Time After Two Decades – a pair of Black Vultures Arrives in Sofia Zoological Garden
[ 20.12.2021 ]
Sophia and Badahos vultures are donated to Sofia Zoo by means of “Bright future for the Black Vulture” project LIFE 14 NAT / BG / 000649, it represents a mutual initiative of partners of four European countries – “Green Balkans – Stara Zagora” NGO , the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna and  the Birds of Prey Protection Society from Bulgaria, Vulture Conservation Foundation from the Netherlands , Junta de Extremadura from Spain and  Euronatur from Germany.

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