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Консервационни дейности за целеви видове от Директивата за птиците на ЕС - белошипа ветрушка, черен лешояд и царски орел, в основните им местообитания в България

Recovery of the Populations of Large European Vultures In Bulgaria
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Lesser Kestrel Recovery
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Vultures’ home in the Vratsa Balkan
[ 23.08.2021 ]
In the past days we visited the “Natura” Environmental Centre in Vratsa and the vultures' home there – the Vratsa Balkan.

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A record-breaking number of Cinereous Vulture outside the Eastern Rhodopes
[ 02.08.2021 ]
A total of 20 Cinereous Vultures were counted through visual observation and transmitter data in Vrachanski Balkan in July. This is a record-breaking number of this rare species for the entire Balkans, outside the breeding colony in the Eastern Rhodopes, Greece.

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The first chick of Cinereous Vulture hatched in the wild in Bulgaria for decades was successfully ringed in the nest
[ 30.07.2021 ]
Meet MITCHEV-BOEV – this is the name of the first juvenile Cinereous Vulture hatched in Bulgaria for the last nearly 30 years and the first in Balkan Mountains for more than half a century.

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The conservation idea on the stage of Uzana Polyana Fest 2021
[ 28.07.2021 ]
The geographical center of Bulgaria - Uzana again became the center of ecological ideas and conservation causes.

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