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Консервационни дейности за целеви видове от Директивата за птиците на ЕС - белошипа ветрушка, черен лешояд и царски орел, в основните им местообитания в България

Recovery of the Populations of Large European Vultures In Bulgaria
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Lesser Kestrel Recovery
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Future events
Become a Black Vulture Patron
[ 31.05.2021 ]
11 majestic Black Vultures are looking for their godparents and patrons.

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Two fluffy little vultures are looking for their godparents
[ 30.04.2021 ]
Hello, friends! As you know, this year we have two (we repeat two ;)) babies from the Griffon Vulture pair at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Centre!

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Two billboards with Black vultures in Sliven will promote the importance of “Sinite kamani” Nature Park of the reintroduction of rare vultures species in Bulgaria
[ 14.04.2021 ]
The billboards are in front of the building of "Sinite kamani" Nature Park Directorate located on: 1B, Tsar Simeon Blvd., on the road of the information and visitor center “Haidushka pateka” in the Nature Park.

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For the fourth year in a row, young Egyptian vultures are preparing to live in the wild
[ 07.04.2021 ]
This week four more captive-bred young Egyptian Vultures started their long journey to freedom. They were ringed, measured, sampled and transported from the WRBC of Green Balkans to the adaptation aviary managed by BSPB in the Eastern Rhodopes.

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