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Консервационни дейности за целеви видове от Директивата за птиците на ЕС - белошипа ветрушка, черен лешояд и царски орел, в основните им местообитания в България

Recovery of the Populations of Large European Vultures In Bulgaria
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Lesser Kestrel Recovery
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The young black vulture, Riga is now in Greece, in the Akarnanika mountain, north of Messolonghi
[ 15.10.2018 ]
Which is good news, because of the two Griffon vulture colonies that live nearby, giving the young bird a chance to join other vultures in the search for food.

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The team monitoring the three young birds’ satellite transmitters reports to you
[ 12.10.2018 ]
The black vultures Riga and Ostrava flew bravely into the big world. A few days ago Riga "fled" directly towards Macedonia, where it was detected by its satellite transmitter near Veles and the Vardar River.
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Bulgaria received a donation ... two vultures
[ 01.10.2018 ]
The Bright Future for the Black Vulture project LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 team received a new donation - two Griffon Vultures from the Allwetterzoo Münster, Germany.

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A young vulture crashed by train
[ 24.08.2018 ]
Our team has the difficult task to help a young Griffon vulture, which has lost a wing after an accident with a train.
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