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Become a godparent
During the 5-year project period we have to translocate and release more than 170 Lesser Kestrels. They all get marked with standard ornithological and PVC rings with a three-symbol code, so that we can identify them in the wild.

But being called BAB or BAJ is not so nice, is it? Therefore, we offer you to give a Lesser Kestrel a name of your choice! The donation itself is a single fixed-amount act, and once you make a donation, you will have no direct obligations regarding this particular bird! Of course, every godparent is more than welcome to get directly involved in the activities (as long as they are interested in doing this), or to receive regular information about their godchild.

You will receive special “certificate of baptism” and an invitation to take part in the release of the bird (if these are birds that have not been released yet). You will have the chance to meet the bird, observing directly its behavior in the release module in the village of Levka.

Following this act, the bird will be known by the name you have chosen. This name will be used not only in our database, but also when we share and publish information about its further behavior and adaptation. Moreover, if you wish so, your name will be mentioned, too. Thus, we will not only express our gratitude to you, but will also promote the act of “baptism”.

Of course, you will be the first one to learn what happens to your godchild and will be regularly informed of its fate!

By the act of “baptism” and taking personal responsibility, you help us motivate other people to show the same level of commitment to our conservation work!

Value: BGN 500 (one-time)

I want to become a godparent!

For further information, please contact:
Gradimir Gradev, Project Manager, “Lesser Kestrel Recovery” LIFE11 NAT/BG/360
Tel: +359 885 609289; Е-mail: