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Demonstrational center in Levka, Sakar SPA
The Demonstration and Information Center in the village of Levka, Svilengrad Municipality, was established in 2014 within the project “Lesser Kestrel Recovery” LIFE11 NAT/BG/360. The project is implemented by “Green Balkans – Stara Zagora” NGO with the financial support of LIFE program of the European Union.
The Center is located in Sakar SPA – part of NATURA 2000 Ecological Network. The facility is housed in the building of the Lesser Kestrel Adaptation and Release Module in the very heart of the newly established colony of Lesser Kestrels. In spring and summer, visitors and guests of the Demonstration Center can enjoy close-up observation of the birds in the colony.
The Center The center receives visitors year-round, providing opportunities for observation of various bird species typical of the region of Sakar, depending on the season and the breeding cycle of individual species.

*Group visits are organized with a preliminary appointment. 

*Opening hours: daily from 9 am to 6 pm – preliminary call is highly recommended.


A team of experts and volunteers of Green Balkans has been implementing a set of activities including:
• Promoting the “Lesser Kestrel Recovery” project activities, goals and objectives, and results, as well as LIFE program of the European Union;
• Organizing and implementing information and environmental education activities among local communities, visitors, students, and youth;
• Working with local structures, administrations, and farmers to raise their environmental awareness;
• Managing and maintaining a Lesser Kestrel Adaptation and Release Module;
• Monitoring and studying biodiversity;
• Preserving rare and protected species and natural habitats;
• etc. …

For guests and visitors:

The Center offers to its guests and visitors a set of services free of charge:
• Observation of Lesser Kestrels and other rare birds typical of this region;
• Demonstration of different types of artificial nest boxes, decoys and Lesser kestrels and Lesser Kestrel eggs;
• Diorama of the Lesser Kestrel foraging and breeding habitats, as well as other species typical of the region, such as Imperial Eagle, European Souslik, etc.;
• Lectures on the biological diversity of Sakar SPA;
• Observation of the Lesser Kestrel colony through the video surveillance and monitoring system;
• Environmental and nature conservation videos and documentaries;
• Promotion materials and souvenirs;
• Organization of extracurricular nature conservation classes for schoolchildren and students;
• Conservation working holidays;
• Educational activities for kids and youth;
• Work with volunteers and trainees;
• Training courses on how to use binoculars, spotting scopes, field guides, and other specialized field equipment.
* All visitors can use spotting equipment and field guides free of charge in the territory of the Demonstration Center.

Lesser Kestrel Adaptation and Release Module:

The Lesser Kestrel Adaptation and Release Module established in the building housing the Demonstration Center offers opportunities for observation and monitoring of the Lesser Kestrel colony as well as the chicks accommodated in special release boxes.

Contact information:
Levka village, Svilengrad municipality
GPS Coordinates: 41°52`17``N; 26°15`29``E
Mobile: +359 (0) 885 609 289
Green Balkans – Headquarters – 4004 Plovdiv, 1 Skopie street, phone: +359 32 6269 77; +359 887 887 557