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This section contains all documents and reports produced as a result of our work for the conservation of the Lesser Kestrel.

List of Lesser Kestrel related positive and negative agri-environmental practices in the European Union (English summary) 478 Kb pdf
Recommendations for conservation and management of Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni) in Management Plans of Natura 2000 SPAs (In Bulgarian, English summary) 472 Kb pdf
Guidelines for the maintenance and management of the habitats of Lesser Kestrel in the release sites in Bulgaria (English summary) 5 Mb pdf
Poster presenting the results of the Lesser Kestrel recovery in Bulgaria 3 Mb pdf
Lesser Kestrel friendly or supportive measures of the Bulgarian RDP (2007-2013 and 2014-2020) (English summary) 475 Kb pdf
Recowering the Lesser Kestrel as a Breeder in Bulgaria 248 Kb pdf
Radio-telemetry of Lesser Kestrel in the Course of Reinforcement of the Species in Bulgaria 715 Kb pdf
Natural Colonies of Lesser Kestrel in European Turkey and Discussion on the Chances of Natural Re-colonization of the Species in Bulgaria 2 Mb pdf
Under the same roof - how to build a nest box for falcons 6 Mb pdf
Poster for World GIS Day 9 Mb jpg
Kestrel Friendly Agro-environmental measures in the Bulgarian rural development schemes 2 Mb pdf