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The breeding season of Lesser Kestrel in Sakar reaches its climax
There are about 60 birds and more than 15 pairs in the colony of these rare birds created by Green Balkans.
The expectation of Lesser Kestrels returning from migration is one of the exciting moments for environmentalists from Green Balkans working on restoring population of these small falcons in our country.

The team monitored the formation of the pairs, the occupation of the nests and laying of the first eggs following the returning of the first birds to their breeding grounds about two months ago, and then the hatching of the first chicks.
Data from the colony observations show that at least 60 birds have returned from migration so far, at least 15 pairs have been formed and occupy the nest boxes set by Green Balkans and at least 5 of them have laid eggs. In addition to the direct observations performed by the team, the video surveillance system built in the colony area is also of great benefit, allowing real-time observations.

However, this is initial data and it is expected that each of these indicators will increase as the summer progresses.
We recall that last year in the area of Levka village, Natura 2000 Sakar SPA, in the colony of the Lesser Kestrels created by Green Balkans as part of the project "Recovering of Lesser Kestrel", LIFE11 NAT/BG/360, more than 20 pairs of these rare falcons were breeding.

In 2018, Green Balkans' efforts for strengthening and support the Lesser Kestrel population are supported by EuroNatur Foundation.

Gradimir Gradev,
Project Manager ‘Restoration of Lesser Kestrel’, LIFE11 NAT/BG/360
tel: 0885 609289, e-mail: