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The Information exchange between the organizations, actively working on vulture conservation is crucial for the generalization of the threats and data, collected from different regions.

<![CDATA[We got the Saker falcons ready for winter and the upcoming breeding season]]> https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1331 https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1331

Yesterday at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre we conducted a prophylactic medical examination of all Saker falcons from the breeding program.

<![CDATA[Bearded vultures at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre opened the breeding season]]> https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1329 https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1329

Bearded vultures at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre opened the breeding season, according to observations by the Centre's team.

<![CDATA[Vrachanski Balkan - again a home of Black vultures]]> https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1327 https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1327

In September 10 Black vultures were accommodated in the adaptation aviary in Dolno ozirovo village, Vrachanski Balkan.

<![CDATA[​More poisoned griffon vultures found in the Iskar Gorge]]> https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1324 https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1324


The ‘Bright Future for the Black Vulture’ project team found two more dead griffon vultures in the region of the Bov village and Lakatnik yesterday.

<![CDATA[Protected bird species​ are perishing in the Iskar gorge, perhaps poisoned]]> https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1323 https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1323


Vultures are found dead in the region of the villages Gara Bov and Bov and the probable cause of dead is poisoning.

<![CDATA[Ostrava-2 and Zlin left the hack in Sliven]]> https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1322 https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1322


Last week, Ostrava-2 and Zlin, the two cinereous vultures released through the hacking through an aviary method, left the artificial nest. 

<![CDATA[How the Green Balkans team celebrated the International Vulture Awareness Day 2019]]> https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1321 https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1321


The Green Balkans team, along with our partners celebrated the International Vulture Awareness Day – 7 September with a series of events throughout the country.

<![CDATA[September is Imperial Eagle month!]]> https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1320 https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1320


Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) is a globally endangered species. It is included in Annex 1 to the Birds Directive, Annex 3 to the Berne Convention, the Bonn Convention and the Red Book of Bulgaria.

<![CDATA[Summer Academy for the children of Trud village]]> https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1318 https://greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=1318

Free summer academy for the children of Trud village will be held throughout the month of August.