Monitoring of Coastal Dobrudzha and Burgas lakes - 03/03/2020

Monitoring of Coastal Dobrudzha and Burgas lakes
Last monitoring for current season of wintering geese in Coastal Dobrudzha and Burgas lakes was conducted by the team of Green Balkans in the period 28 February- 1 March.

Despite the warm weather for the season, a flock of about 15,000 White-fronted geese is still wintering in the Burgas Lakes region. The birds are expected to begin their long migration north to nesting sites in the coming days.

During the monitoring in Coastal Dobrudzha no wintering geese were observed, the last flocks moved north from there in late February. A flock of 3 Whooper and 15 Tundra swans was registered, which is also preparing for a very recent departure north. More interesting among the wintering species in the area was the observation of a relatively high number of Hen harriers, outnumbering the Marsh harriers.

The observations showed active spring migration and preparation of songbirds for nesting - singing Corn buntings and Common stonechats. An incubating bird was observed in the nest of the local  White-tailed eagle. In Durankulak Lake, the more interesting species were the Common goldeneye, Eurasian wigeon, Tufted duck and Pochard. The increasing numbers of the Diving ducks and decreasing numbers of Coots is one of the sure harbingers of spring.

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