The Red Breasted Goose

сн. Емил Енчев
The Red-breasted Geese are well-known for their incredible beauty! These small natural pieces of art are also known for being endangered as species and for being the the smallest representative of the Geese family. They have wing span of about 110-125 cm and weight of 1-1,5 kg.

According to the latest scientific data the population of the Red-breasted Geese is not more than 50-60 specimen. This bird is under the legal protection of many national and international regulations and is listed in the IUCN Red list in the category Endangered. Still, it happens to become victim of poaching and its survival during the winter and long migrations is strongly depending on the tolerance of people. 
Bulgaria  bears the great responsibility for the survival of this species as more than 80% of the world population of the Red-breasted Geese spends the winter on its territory, especially in the colder winters. 

The reason for the creation of this website is to popularise the necessity of taking greater responsibility towards the endangered species, incl. the Red-breasted Geese on the territory of Bulgaria.

It depends on the everyday choices of every one of us, if these beautiful creatures will survive!