Celebrating the World Whale and Dolphin Day in Stara Zagora

Our friends at the Zahariy Knyazhevski Regional Library, Stara Zagora invited us on the 25th July to celebrate the World Whale and Dolphin Day, celebrated each year on the 23rd July since 1986. On this date 1982 the International Whaling Commission voted for a complete ban on commercial whaling for the period 1985-86 and since has been celebrated as the World Whale and Dolphin Day.

We met children and students to talk about cetaceans and our sea. We discussed the rich life of the Black Sea and its inhabitants, focusing on cetaceans, their life, habits and protection.

We finished off with memory games and a special puzzle game to check everything we’ve learned. During our discussion we used our special information boards about cetaceans in the Black sea and left various information materials in the library for all curious children who go there.

Everyone was excited to learn new things about dolphins and all cetaceans and the most active received special prizes - puzzle games and dolphin stickers.

We’d like to thank all children for their curiosity and active participation in our games and activities. A big thank you to the Zahariy Knyazhevski Regional Library Stara Zagora for their invitation.

Polya Toncheva – project coordinator,
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