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Supporting our Black Sea cetaceans research and conservation program financially, you contribute to the wildlife conservation. Every contribution is extremely important and valuable!
Green Balkans’ work is mainly focused in the following areas – surveys, capacity building and public awareness. Your donation can support scientific expeditions; collection and testing of samples aiming determination of the health status of the cetaceans; training volunteers for cetaceans monitoring; building capacity for cetacean surveys and many other useful activities!
What is the donation spent for?
80% of the citizens’ donations are spent for direct environmental activities, educational and information campaigns. The rest of the funds are spent for operating expenditure, without which the organization would not exist and operate.
Why donate funds to Green Balkans?
  • Green Balkans is a leading organization in Bulgaria in terms of protection of rare species and habitats.
  • Green Balkans has been working for the conservation of Bulgarian nature for more than 25 years. In this period over 200 environmental and educational projects were successfully carried out and the organization had significant contribution to the conservation of the biological diversity and the environment in our country.
  • Green Balkans` invests in changing the awareness, the attitude, the lifestyle and the environmental education.
  • Founded over 25 years ago Green Balkans strengthened its position to international and national institutions, authorities and donors as reliable and trusted partner with good reputation possessing high expertise in nature protection.
!!! We would like to remind all our donors that they have the right to make use of tax reliefs as it follows:
  • for individuals – up to 5% of the annual income (see Article 31, paragraph 1 of the Corporate income tax act);
  • for legal entities – up to 10% of the annual profit (see Article 22, paragraph 1 of the Corporate income tax act).
How to donate funds?
If you consider that the cetaceans conservation in the Black Sea is a useful cause and if you would like to contribute to its realization irrespective of the ways (donation, sponsorship, or cause-related marketing) we will provide complete information about the specific needs.
If you need any additional information, please, don`t hesitate to contact us!
For information:
Dimitar Popov -, tel.: +359 (0) 885108712, +359 (0) 32 626977
Those of you who would like to donate can choose one of the following options:
  • Donation of specified by us amount or an amount of your choice
  • Corporative donations
  • Target donations
  • Payroll donations
  • Matching donations
Payment methods                                 
If you want to find more regarding payment methods please contact us.


The cetacean surveys in the Bulgarian waters are insufficient and the available data for distribution, abundance, seasonal dynamics, migrations, preferred areas are extremely scarce. Collection of any information from the observations of these species and establishment of database is extremely important for filling in this scientific gap. This will be the basis for defining concrete measures for conservation of these marine mammals.
If you live on the Black Sea coast or your job is related to regular sailing in the Black Sea you can help our mission in study and conservation of the dolphins. Any help though small is welcome and useful!
From here you can submit data for cetaceans (dolphins) sightings and stranded cetaceans (alive or dead). You can fill in the form here 
Instructions on how to do observations and what to do if you find stranded cetaceans you can find in the section Publications


The best and easiest way to directly help the dolphin conservation is to become a volunteer at the Green Balkans` Black Sea cetaceans Conservation program. Your participation will support the collection of information about these little-known marine inhabitants through “citizen science” – collection of data from observations or regular monitoring of target species by amateurs.
Everyone can become a volunteer – all you need is enthusiasm, binocular and a little patience. If you live on the Back Sea coast, if you spend quite a long time there or you have plans to visit the region you can spend some time in observation and record what you see and what you don`t see. Lack of sightings is also information!                                                                                                                    Although any data for dolphin observations or harbour porpoises on our coast is useful to us, it is extremely important for the volunteers to make observations for at least a certain period of time – for example 1, 2, 5 or 8 hours (effort-related data). There is no specific duration of the observations – it depends on your abilities and the time you have available. As a rule the observations from the land shall not be conducted continuously but at intervals – 15-30 min. It is important to record information about the duration of the observation - place, date, time, species, number and information about the weather conditions. Instructions on how to conduct observations and field forms for data records from the observations you can find in the section Publications