Green Balkans' team

Participation of Green Balkans at the International Meeting on Bycatch of Vulnerable Species


From October 4 to 6, Malaga (Spain) hosted an international meeting on bycatch, in which representatives of the Green Balkans took part. The focus of the meeting was mainly on the current state of technical facilities being developed to deal with bycatch of various vulnerable groups of organisms (cetaceans, birds, sharks, corals, etc.) worldwide. Challenges related to the development and implementation of bycatch reduction programs in different locations around the world and types of fisheries were also highlighted. The meeting was attended by technical experts and scientists from around the world carrying out activities to monitor and reduce bycatch levels.


Celebrating the World Whale and Dolphin Day in Stara Zagora


Our friends at the Zahariy Knyazhevski Regional Library, Stara Zagora invited us on the 25th July to celebrate the World Whale and Dolphin Day. On the 23rd July 1982 the International Whaling Commission voted for a complete ban on commercial whaling for the period 1985-86 and since has been celebrated as the World Whale and Dolphin Day.

Baby bottlenose dolphin

Spring expedition to study Black Sea dolphins


This year too we conducted a spring expedition to study dolphins in the Bulgarian territorial waters of the Black Sea. It took place between May 31 and June 5. Poseidon was also on our side, and the conditions for observation were excellent all the time. Our team was able to cover all pre-determined transects in the shortest possible period and collected an unprecedented amount of data on the distribution and number of the marine mammals.


Natura 2000 Day in Pomorie


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Natura 2000 network we joined forces with the BBF and the Pomiisko Lake Visitors Centre to celebrate the Natura 2000 Day in Pomorie.