Participation of Green Balkans at the International Meeting on Bycatch of Vulnerable Species

Green Balkans' team
From October 4 to 6, Malaga (Spain) hosted an international meeting on bycatch, in which representatives of the Green Balkans took part. The focus of the meeting was mainly on the current state of technical facilities being developed to deal with bycatch of various vulnerable groups of organisms (cetaceans, birds, sharks, corals, etc.) worldwide. Challenges related to the development and implementation of bycatch reduction programs in different locations around the world and types of fisheries were also highlighted. The meeting was attended by technical experts and scientists from around the world carrying out activities to monitor and reduce bycatch levels.

At the meeting, Green Balkans experts had the opportunity to present their experience in collecting data on bycatch in the Black Sea, the data from the use of acoustic repellent devices (pingers), to discuss with colleagues from around the world effective solutions to reduce bycatch and implementation of best practices as well as discussion of future directions.

Main topics of the meeting were:
• Monitoring of bycatch and discard;
• Building capacities and good practices regarding mitigation measures at the local level;
• Successful solutions and technologies to reduce bycatch; new proposals to mitigate bycatch in industrial and small-scale fisheries;
• Monitoring of bycatch in recreational fishing;
• Governance and politics;
• Citizen science to support bycatch mitigation programs.