A kick-off meeting - the ‘NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria - NEW HORIZONS’ LIFE17 GIE/BG/000371 project press conference

A kick-off meeting - the ‘NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria - NEW HORIZONS’ LIFE17 GIE/BG/000371 project press conference

The Green Balkans team, along with Darik Radio, the ‘’ website, the weekly newspaper ‘Capital’ and Hobby TV would like to invite You to a Kick-off meeting for the ‘NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria - NEW HORIZONS’ LIFE17 GIE/BG/000371 project presentation.

The meeting will take place on the 15.02.2019 (Friday) at the A-Hub – the space for social innovation and social entrepreneurship, №3 Hristo Belchev str., Sofia, at 10:30h.

The ‘NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria - NEW HORIZONS’ LIFE17 GIE/BG/000371 project is a partnership initiative between the Green Balkans NGO, Darik Radio, the ‘’ website, the weekly newspaper ‘Capital’ and Hobby TV.

The project is implemented with the financial contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union, the ‘LIFE Environmental Governance and Information’ sub-programme co-finances projects aimed at raising public awareness of environmental problems and the related European policies.

The project aims to achieve a significant change of the attitude and public awareness on the NATURA 2000 network, using 10 flagship, easily identifiable species from the EU Directives on Birds and Habitats. These are the Bearded and Griffon Vulture, the Saker falcon, the Lesser Kestrel, Cetaceans, Bats, the Pygmy Cormorant, the Sandwich Tern, the Red-breasted Goose and the Imperial eagle. All of them are easy to remember, have a high conservation value and suffer from the negative factors such as low public awareness and prejudices that can be influenced through awareness raising and information activities. The lack of information is also the reason for the significant negative attitude against the main instrument of the EU for protecting the biodiversity of the member states - the NATURA 2000 network.
‘With the help of our media partners we aim to reach a wide circle of stakeholders’ shared the project manager - Elena Stoeva. ‘The idea is to focus on young people, the decision makers, representatives of the responsible institutions, but also on the wide public that is often unfamiliar with the true meaning of nature conservation and its role for the country’s prosperity and the life quality of citizens. In this respect, protecting and preserving rare species and habitats is of national importance and in the public’s interest. European environmental policies are a serious guarantee for the achievement of sustainable development.’ The project team shares that nature protection not only does not contradict business and tourism development, on the contrary, it often is a prerequisite for economic development and raising the citizens’ living standard.
The project includes developing and broadcasting popular science films and video-announces, radio-reportages on the flagship species, radio-programs on important environmental topics, business oriented webinars, online publications on the ‘Dnevnik’ online platform, meetings with local stakeholders and responsible institutions, working with journalists and young people, organizing and taking part in public events, a number of news releases.
The project started on the 1st of September with a ‘flying’ start - celebrating the International Vulture Awareness Day in Sliven and continues for five years.
The project aims at raising the overall awareness and overcoming the low environmental consciousness of the wide public on the NATURA 2000 network and the flagship species subject to conservation. Overcoming negative factors and activities resulting from poor awareness, which have adverse impact on the populations of the flagship species will have an overall positive impact on the conservation of the species throughout the NATURA 2000 network. Furthermore, the implementation of a wide national campaign will contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in general.
The sub-program co-finances public and environmental awareness-raising activities, including those aimed at generating public and stakeholders support for the development of the Union environmental policies, fostering knowledge about sustainable development and new patterns of sustainable consumption. It aims to support communication, management and dissemination of environmental information and to facilitate information sharing on successful environmental solutions and practices, including by developing platforms for stakeholder cooperation and training; promoting and contributing to more effective compliance with and enforcement of the Union environmental legislation.
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