Adopt an animal


Adoption Program of the Wildlife Rescue Center

The Adoption Program of the Wildlife Rescue Center aims at supporting the activity of the country’s only “wildlife hospital”.

The activity of Green Balkans’ Rescue Center is unique, being the only one of its kind in Bulgaria. The Center shelters wild animals in distress coming from all over the country. Here, these animals undergo medical treatment and after their complete recovery they are released back into the wild. Unfortunately, some of the patients are seriously impaired, and despite the care taken by the staff they cannot be fully recovered. These animals become permanent inhabitants of the Rescue Center. The daily caretaking of such patients requires additional funding.
The Adoption Program involves provision of financial maintenance for one or more animals permanently kept at the Center for a period of time set by the adoptive parent. These funds help us provide everything needed for the rare species kept in the Center. Thus, although kept in captivity, they might have offspring that can be then released into the wild.

The Adoptive Program of the Rescue Center is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the preservation of Bulgaria’s nature. In token of gratitude for the kind gesture every adoptive parent receives:
• special photograph of the adopted animal;
• individual certificate;
• all new promotion materials published during the adoption period;
• …. and, of course, an invitation to visit the Rescue Center to get closely acquainted with our work.