Become a volunteer

Depending on your time and possibilities you can get involved in the Organization’s activity at different levels.

Everybody can become a member of Green Balkans. This membership is an expression of the support for the 
In addition, everybody can get actively involved in our nature conservation activities and become a volunteer of Green Balkans.
Being a volunteer, you help us through your participation in various activities corresponding to your interests, knowledge, and abilities.
You can take part in afforestation campaigns, expeditions, various projects for the conservation of rare species, and office activities. You can also help us using your other skills, such as foreign languages, computer literacy, web design, etc.
In addition to the valuable contribution you make to the conservation of Bulgaria’s nature, volunteering and participation in our activities gives you the chance to learn more about wildlife, as well as raise your knowledge, skills, and qualification.
Moreover, volunteering at Green Balkans is a chance to make lots of new contacts and friends and to spend your free time in a funny way.