Become our ambassador

You can help us through popularization of Green Balkans’ activity, advocacy and provision of support at different levels.

Being a public organization, we consider the support for our activities extremely important. It is invaluable for our work and crucial for the results we achieve.

”Lobbying” for Green Balkans you help us work in a better and more efficient way to preserve Bulgaria’s natural heritage.
What you can do:
- use your personal acquaintances to enhance the public support and confidence in the Organization;
- get more people familiar with Green Balkans’ activity and objectives;
- organize presentations where you, or you and a staff member, tell about Green Balkans’ activity;
- disseminate information materials of the Organization;
- render another kind of assistance to gain support for our work.
If you have any particular ideas and suggestion in mind or if you need the assistance of our team or further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.