Black stork with luck

Black stork with luck

A young sculptor and artist from the Razlog region - Petar Chorev saved a black stork from an unfortunate end.

The bird, included in the Red Book of Bulgaria, was discovered by Peter on the road Eleshnitsa-Dobrinishte on 25.07.2020. The black stork was in a miserable condition and could barely move.

Peter tells how he found the bird and almost did not pass it. As he approached it, he noticed that it had a severely infected wound full of worms. He took the stork with him and took care of the wound.

The luck of the black stork does not end here. Coincidentally at that time, Dr. Rusko Petrov from the only Wildlife Rescue Centre in Bulgaria found himself near the home of the young sculptor. He did not hesitate at the sight of the branded car and sought help.

Dr. Petrov immediately examined the bird and transported it to the Green Balkans Rescue Centre in Stara Zagora the same day.

Because the black stork is a protected species, its population in Bulgaria is monitored. Any encroachment on the species is punishable by law.