Camera in Pomorie Lake visitor centre shows the birds of the lagoon in real time

Camera in Pomorie Lake visitor centre shows the birds of the lagoon in real time

Special camera with large magnification and high definition is the last addition to the exhibition and available optics in the visitor centre at the town of Pomorie. Visitors can now observe birds of the saline lagoon in real time on a full HD monitor in the centre’s exhibition hall. Thus, identification and presentation of different bird species is made easier to visitors who had to observe lake inhabitants individually by spotting scopes and binoculars before.

Pomorie Lake is home to the only colony in Bulgaria (being largest on the Balkans) of the rare bird species Sandwich tern. The lagoon is also a main nesting site in the country for number of protected bird species like Avocet, Black-winged stilt, Common tern, Gull-billed tern, Kentish plover, Little tern, Mediterranean gull, Mute swan, and Shelduck.

The created system for video surveillance of the saline lagoon in the visitor centre allows except detailed observation of birds in the Southern part of the lake, systematic monitoring for threats and violations in the protected areas complex consisting of Pomorie Lake Protected site, Pomorie Wetland Complex Ramsar site, Pomorie SCI and Pomoiysko ezero SPA.

During the past weekend first schoolchildren groups from Sredets and Yambol already had the chance to learn about the bird richness of Pomorie Lake through the specialized camera with largest interest being for the first nesting birds – Avocets in the museum saltpans and on the large islet in the middle of the lagoon. We hope these to be followed by many more visitors so that the centre’s mission for educating ecological responsibility and raising environmental culture to reach most people.

 „Video-surveillance of Pomorie Lake“ project has been implemented thanks to the largest corporate social responsibility initiative of Lidl Bulgaria „You and Lidl for a better life" in partnership with Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation and Bulgarian Donors Forum.