Conquering peaks with volunteers and interns!

Conquering peaks with volunteers and interns!

Work is work, but one must always find time to relax.

After months of help and hard work, the team of the Green Balkans Rescue Center decided to reward its volunteers and interns from the Trakia University with a nice walk.

The walk started with the ascent of Vihren peak - the highest peak in Pirin Mountain. With its 2914 meters, Vihren is the second highest in Bulgaria after Musala (2925.4) in Rila. Everyone in the group climbed to the top, even our youngest volunteer - Simeon Petrov. After a short break and many photos on the tower, the company headed to its next destination - the shelter 'Koncheto'.

The amazing view, in addition to a feast for the eyes, turned out to be very stimulating. So with new strength and a lot of emotions, we all headed to the shelter. Passing along the karst edge of the 'Koncheto' you forget about everything except the hope that the steel rope will take you to the final destination. An hour after Banski Suhodol peak we were already at the 'Koncheto' shelter. If you decide to follow our route, be careful, because the marble rocks are very steep and slippery, and the path is only ~ 70 cm wide and the passing of the groups is, to put it mildly, dangerous.

And so at the end of this incredible day, in addition to showing the foreign students of the Trakia University the majestic beauty of our country, we came home with one dream less .. To conquer the highest peak in the Pirin Mountains - Vihren peak.