Donation types


The corporative donations are donations made by companies, targeting nature conservation activities. The corporative donations are an excellent opportunity for your company to contribute for resolving significant issues, such as the biodiversity loss, the forest destruction, etc. The corporative donations also present a great chance for advertising and strengthening the positive image of your company! 


You can donate for the construction of aviaries, nesting platforms, bird houses, etc., thus directly supporting nature conservation. We are only listing some of the options and you can certainly share own ideas. This type of donations provide for an excellent opportunity to advertise companies which are supporting particular causes. 


Nature conservation activities are carried out with numerous tools, consumables and materials (optical equipment, clothing, camping gear, tools, literature, etc.). You can support us with in-kind contributions we will use in our every-day activity.


In addition to the “material” tools and consumables, you can donate your spare time or knowledge and know-how in a given field. This is practically a form of volunteering. You can share with us your professional or personal skills and expertise pro bono, such as technical skills, language, intellectual property, etc.