Early love thrills in the Griffon Vultures nest

Early love thrills in the Griffon Vultures nest

It’s almost the middle of October, but the Griffon Vultures at the Wildlife Rescue Center are already in the mood for love.

Since the past few days the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center team has been observing the excitement in the Griffon Vultures nest. The pair has been showing breeding behavior, has feverishly been building a nest and the first copulations have already been observed.

The birds proved to be good parents, after the female laid two eggs during the last breeding season and both birds raised the small vulture on their own. Beside the good connection between the birds, probably the relatively warm weather for the season also contributes to their love mood.

We will continue to monitor the Griffon Vultures family life closely and will keep you duly informed.


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