Extremadura – the first Black vulture killed by electrocution in Bulgaria

Extremadura – the first Black vulture killed by electrocution in Bulgaria

The Black vulture Evtremadura was found killed by electrocution on 27.03. near Malogradets village, Antonovo municipality.

Extramadura was a female bird, imported from Spain and released in Bulgaria by the hacking method in Kotel in April 2019. She, along with the whole group of 10 vultures adapted well to the release region. They embarked on long distance wanderings with the onset of spring as they frequently visited the region of Central Balkan, some of them reached to the westrnmost parts of the Balkan Mountain – Vrachanski Balkan Nature Part.

Last Saturday 21/03/2020 Extremadura along with two more Black vultures undertook wanderings northwards, roosting in the region of Silistra. The worsened weather conditions on the next day trapped them and made difficult their return to Kotel. After a few attempts to return, Extremadura fell among unknown region and landed to roost on the fatal power pylon. It was located due to the satellite transmitter and found dead by a field assistant of project “Bright future for the Black vulture” LIFE14 NAT/BG/649.

A signal was submitted to the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water – Shumen for implementation of the statutory provisions according to the Biological Diversity Act. The local representatives of the Bulgarian National Hunting and Fishing Association - Union of Hunters and Fishermen in Bulgaria – Hunting and Fishing Association – Antonovo, who expressed willing to cooperate in the event of suspected poaching of the bird.

The corpse was transported to the Green Balkans' Wildlife rehabilitation and breeding center for an autopsy. The bird has external burn scars caused by contact with electric power lines. Samples were collected for toxicological analysis for.

The electrocution is an often cause of death for the large birds, but unfortunately this time Bulgarian nature has lost a significant individual of the Black vulture species, whom we are trying to reintroduce as nesting in Bulgaria.

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