Our mission

Preserving the nature of Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula

Green Balkans works for:

  • biodiversity conservation;
  • habitat restoration;
  • sustainable natural resource management;
  • improvement of nature conservation policy and legislation;
  • environmental education.

Areas of activity

  • Conservation and restoration of rare and threatened species and their habitats;
  • Conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of wetlands;
  • Conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of forests; prevention of corruption and poaching in the forest system;
  • Expanding and strengthening of the protected area network and support for the establishment of NATURA 2000 and the National Ecological Network;
  • Support for the reforms in the Bulgarian nature-conservation legislation and its approximation to the European one;
  • Popularization of the principles of sustainable development and encouragement of environmentally friendly economic activities;
  • Support for the building of capacities for biodiversity conservation and sustainable natural resource use;
  • Raising public awareness and commitment to nature conservation and sustainable development;
  • Mobilization of youth potential for nature conservation and environment protection; popularization of the values of volunteering;
  • “Ex situ” conservation – implementation of a program for wildlife rehabilitation, treatment, and release back into the wild inBulgaria’s only Wildlife Rescue Center; implementation of programs for breeding and reintroduction of rare species.
More about our work is available in the ACTIVITIES section.

Green Balkans is an organization, whose activity is focused on the conservation of biodiversity and wildlife.
Therefore, the Organization does NOT deal with problems related to:
- pets and farm animals (rights, medical treatment, and other related problems);
- air, soil, and water pollution (except for cases when this affects directly the biodiversity);
- urban environment (except for cases when this affects the biodiversity or the protected species in urban areas);
- waste – recycling, etc. (except for cases when this is directly related to the biodiversity, rare species, or habitats);
- energy efficiency;
- alternative transport.

Green Balkans supports the work done by other NGOs in these particular areas of activity.
If needed, we will gladly help you approach other organizations working successfully on the above-listed problems.