Green Balkans NGO is part of a project for acoustic survey of cetaceans in the Black Sea

Green Balkans NGO is part of a project for acoustic survey of cetaceans in the Black Sea

The international project BlackCeTrends has been launched, in which Green Balkans NGO is partner with organisations from Romania, Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey.

The main activity of the project is collection of acoustic data for the presence of dolphins and especially porpoises by deploying fully automated passive acoustic monitoring instruments: F-PODs - provided kindly by the British manufacturer Chelonia Ltd.

The devices for acoustic detection of porpoises and dolphins are provided for free for a period of two years. F-PODs are devices designed specifically to detect and record the high-frequency sounds of dolphins and porpoises. The collected data are downloaded periodically, approximately every month, and the results are processed by specialized software.
Four such devices have been provided to Green Balkans NGO, three of which have already been installed at pre-selected locations - mussel farms in front of Kavarna, Sozopol and Ravda. We already have the first results - the data from the F-POD placed in front of Kavarna has shown over 100 acoustic detections of porpoises for the period of deployment under water, which was 24 days.
The project lasts two years. We hope to collect a lot of interesting and useful data during this period, which will complement the visual observations that the Green Balkans team has been conducting regularly for more than four years, and which will serve to protect these beautiful and important for the ecosystem species.

We express our gratitude to Dr Nick Tregenza of Chelonia Ltd for kindly providing FPODs and the owners of the mussel farms - AQUA FOOD Ltd with manager Andrey Stafunski, BLACK SEA MUSSELS Ltd with manager Petko Kuzmanov and BLACK SEA SHELLS Ltd with manager Nayden Stanev - to which the devices are installed, without whose help this project would have been impossible to implement.

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